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The Natural Protocol to Prevent and Treat COVID in Pregnancy - Gila Ronel

By Gila Ronel

Translated by Anjalika Gotshal and Aubrey Ridd

In this list is a compilation of recommendations that are taken from literature. This content doesn't replace a consultation with a doctor, pharmacist, or naturopath. These suggestions are to be combined with resting, hydrating, airing the room and, if possible, to be in an open-air space. There are different dosages and considerations for women who are pregnant and children. Here we have listed the maximum dosages recommended by the Israel Minister of Health and the Institute of Medicine (IOM). People who are taking prescription drugs could have interactions and therefore should consult before taking supplements. In addition, there are antiviral medications that appear in the Zelenko protocol and were studied on people who have overcome COVID and might be life-saving medicines. A doctor can prescribe these, and you could consider combining with the measures below.


  1. Quercetin is a pigment that moves zinc into the cells. Up to 500 mg once per day. (If you are taking blood thinners, consult with a physician who understands natural medicine.)

  2. Zinc, up to 25 mg twice per day.

  3. Vitamin D (according to IOM from 2010) you can go up to 4000 units. In anthroposophical medicine, Vitamin D supplementation is avoided.

  4. Vitamin C, up to 2000 mg per day.

  5. Vitamin B12, up to 400 micrograms per day.

  6. Magnesium taurate, for those who have muscle pains, up to 350 mg per day.

There are natural-health providers and doctors who double/triple the dosages that are recommended here. If you choose to do that, please do so with a personal consult.


Relevant to covid and covid-like syndromes that are safe during pregnancy (after consultation):

  1. Fresh ginger root: you can drink tea from ground ginger, sweetened or not, up to 3 times per day. The use of ginger powder is not safe in pregnancy.

  2. Chamomile metricria retutica: anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and soothing against anxiety. It helps respiratory system (breathing).

  3. Black Sambucos Nigra: flowers and fruits (avoid if you have a feeling of "being cold" all the time during sickness) … Combats mucus, cough, and respiratory infection, Anti-inflammation.

  4. Astralagus - a general medicine for fatigue and anti-inflammatory.

  5. Echinacea - flowers and roots.

  6. Tilia - reducing stress, rehabilitation of the lining of lungs, helps with fever and insomnia.

  7. Not safe to use frankincense and myrrh (as herbs) while pregnant.


May be helpful but only if not too strong for your breathing and if you have no sensitivities. The oils must be from a trusted, quality source. If you are using the oils with a candle diffuser, make sure to clean supplies daily to avoid mold. For rubbing on chest and back, you can mix 50 mL grape or sesame oil and 5 drops of Ravenscar, only if you know you have no sensitivities. One drop of each oil in electric diffuser of the following:

  1. Ravenscar

  2. Frankincense

  3. Eucalyptus

  4. Bergamot


  1. Eat light, healthy, and unprocessed foods. Listen to the desires of your body, but don't confuse them with cravings and excuses. Sometimes those who are normally attracted to hot/spicy foods would rather have cold and vice versa. It's good to eat fruits or veg, fresh or cooked, according to what the body asks.

  2. Whole grains and bread: full food that is not heavy and vegan with no dairy and no eggs could fit ... Those who are used to eating pizza and pastries, it's better to give that up even if your sense of taste didn't go away ...

  3. Again, light food, energetic and unprocessed, is recommended.

  4. Drinking and resting are essential at this time ... fresh air and wind are helpful.


You and your baby ... first, it's important to remember that you are pregnant. You are not one but two or maybe three. Hold the space that is breathing and safe. Be happy and optimistic, and pass baby that feeling that you are safe. Tell baby that you're OK, safe, and that he/she should listen to the good voices inside of you. And if you don't totally manage… remember that our mothers were in stress sometimes. Just remember to come back to positive and secure thinking.


Practice breathing, even if breathing is not difficult: This is important. Deep breathing, low voices like in birth, even singing quietly. Pressing gently on the lung area at the side of the body, one hand on each side and the top of the chest and also around the diaphragm just above the navel. We are interested in moving different muscles around the lungs to give them space and relax muscles around the ribcage. Flat breathing could be very good. Exercise the upper part of the chest. Put two hands on chest on both sides of clavicle bone and make sure that only the chest is going up to give air and space to the upper part of the lungs.


It is recommended to combine meditation, to raise awareness to what is happening, and for relaxation of body and spirit. (See the attachment for a guided meditation.)


Very light physical activity like sitting in bed on physio ball and moving your arms. Light walking if possible to try and reduce anxiety.

Don’t listen to scary stories. Hold all the time the space of healing and getting better. A big part of the ability to heal is in our hands. It's important to pray for healing. Anyone and everyone in their own way. The healing process is asking you to be present in an active healing.

You can say the mantra: ”from moment to moment, I heal more and more until I reach a full healing.”

These are for COVID symptoms and allowed in pregnancy after a consult. Make a cold steam, if you wish. You can put in a jar a handful of chamomile flowers from organic growth. Add vodka to the full jar. After 6-8 hours, you strain it and can add about ten mL from this to 100 mL of water in a cold steam machine or in an electric oil evaporator. You can do the same with ground pine needles that are meant for medical use and eating. The pine is known since Hippocrates as healing for respiratory infection.

You can do the same with ground pine needles that are meant for medical use and eating. The pine is known since Hippocrates as healing for respiratory infection.

Health, trust, and love


Gila Ronel is an alternative healing therapist specializing in pregnancy and postpartum, with an M.A. in holistic health. She has been in the field of pregnancy since 1992, has campaigned for the liberty of choice in child birth in Israel, and she introduced natural medicine to the labor rooms of Israel hospitals. She has taught a whole generation of midwives to use these tools. She is training doulas, birth-prep instructors and “Holistic Birth” therapists in her school Ima-Ledet. She wrote or co-wrote the following: Natural Birth, Grandfather’s Sky, the Cards of Ready (pregnancy and birth cards), and Cards of the Heart (stillbirth support).


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